Tapioca tea theme park to open in Japan

The bubble tea (tapioca tea) craze has swept Japan big time, with countless Japanese, Taiwanese and American chains offering their drinks in Harajuku and the creation of specialized bubble teas like low sugar, vitamin infused or sun protection ones.

The announcement of a new “bubble tea theme park” by STARS Inc has been revealed. Perhaps taking a page from a certain famous American amusement park, they’re calling their limited-time experiment “Tokyo Tapioca Land.”

Scheduled to open from August 13th to September 16th, it will be located in the jing multipurpose commercial facility adjacent to the JR Harajuku Station. It will will feature:

-Numerous famous bubble tea shops with drinks and food starring boba pearls.
-Various photo booths so you can take Instagenic photos with your tapioca drinks
-Collaborations of all kinds, including appearances by and limited menu items designed with celebrities, and other attractions

This has stirred social media, with even celebs commenting on it, such as idol, Mirin Furukawa, being excited about it and becoming the third most popular trending hashtag on Twitter

Favorite amusement park. Do you like bubble tea?

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