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Keke Palmer interviews Ellie Goulding "Strahan and Sara"

-Palmer starts off talking about how she loves astrlogy and how she is a Virgo and Ellie is a Capricorn so they compliment each other.

- Elllie says she is engaged to an art seller.

- Says she exercises to deal with her anixety and likes the outdoors.

- Keke ask what is was like writing " Love me like you do" and Ellie says thats the one song she didn't write, and they laugh it off. Ellie says she never sang a song she had not written before but she wanted to work with Max Martin and they spent 9 hours making the song.

-Ellie says she has learned a lot and feels she has gone from feeling like a teen for ten years to becoming a woman. Keke ask when that starts because she still feels like a teen at 25 and wants to become a woman. Ellie says she's very wise already and you naturally evolve.

- Ellie says a little bit of talent and a lot of hustling has helped her career. The worst someone can say is no and no is not so bad.


[Spoiler (click to open)]

-Keke and Lance talk about the 50 anniverary of man walking on the moon and the intern who bought footage of it that may sell for a million dollors.

- Lance tells of his space adventure where on an Aol chatroom, there was a quest to put the youngest person on the moon.Lance's fans put his name in the running .

- Lance thought it was a joke until training. He spent 6 months in Russia and was 1 week away from space until it was cancelled due to lack of insurance.

- Bass's stuff had already been sent into space. An astronaut friend found his jumpsuit with his name on it , tore off the name badge and took a picture of it in space to send to him.

-Keke shows a preview of her space training at the very end.


[Spoiler (click to open)]

-Ella Casano has an autoimmune disease and made something called the Medi Teddy where you put a Teddy bear over an Iv bag to make it less scary.

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