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The View: John Hickenlooper, Hot Topics, Summer Reading List

John Hickenlooper Talks Campaign

Hickenlooper (H.) was previously a geologist, fmr Mayor of Denver, 2-Term Governor of Colorado. Summary of convo [Spoiler (click to open)]
They start off asking H. about hot topics. He says racist statements shouldn’t ever go unchecked. Talks local politics. Talks his career evolution, he’d never run for anything until age 49, you keep at it if it’s something you believe in. He believes he’s actually done at an exec level (city-Mayor, state-Governor), what (most of) the other candidates only talk about in theory. Touts his record on nearly universal healthcare, broadband access, universal background checks for gun purchases, CO is no.1 economy in the country the last 3 years (source US News & World Report), top 2-3 Rural economies.

Ana brings up new staff, debates, he’s on white-night (July 30). Brings up Amy Klobuchar jibe from previous debate. Lol it wasn’t at H., it was at Gov. Inslee bloop. Talks bipartisan work to improve healthcare. H. doesn’t think about bigger or smaller govt, but a govt that works where and how it needs to. Healthcare is a right not a privilege. Talks economy vs healthcare costs and education. Mam brings up socialism blah blah. He was boo’d loudly at previous event when he said beating Tr/mp is not with socialism. (he means the labeling, which isn’t actually socialism). He calls himself a pragmatic progressive. Gives social security as an example that’s a social program, but not socialism. Joy says only Bernie calls himself socialist, whereas everyone else classifies themselves as liberal.

Sunny does speed round. Education = reduce interest rate, give more ways to work it off, what about those who don’t want 4-year degree-they need support for how they will succeed. Green New Deal = feels it’s a distraction by claiming it will guarantee a federal job for everyone who wants one (it won't), believes the focus should be on climate change (whether it’s private or public sector). Reparations = slavery is nagging shame of country, acknowledge, own it, apology should come from WH, he supports the bill to research impacts. De-criminalize border crossing = doesn’t believe in open borders, no one does, wants comprehensive plan because they're open jobs need to be filled. Mam brings up flag switch by protestors who took down US flag and put up MX flag. He front ends with a lot of words about military (Air Force Academy plus other bases in CO), and how hurtful it was, how the US flag should be respected, but ends with he supports freedom of speech.

Hot Topic Puerto Rico Governor Digs In

Puerto Rico Governor has been pressured to step down, due to sexist and homophobic texts. Thinks it’s from Tr/mp playbook. ETTD (Everything Tr/mp Touches Dies). Ana thinks the 889 pgs of leaked texts are horrible. They even poked fun at the bodies at the morgue after hurricane. Mam married into a Puerto Rican family (? Brandnewinfo.gif) talks more about protests and outrage. Joy talks message that said sho0ting the Mayor, why didn’t security show up over such a threat. Sunny shocked that he refuses to step down, and now they’re shooting tear gas at the protestors. Calls out more details against women and gay people. Ana reminds that what used to immediately kill a politician’s career, gets a pass now, because Tr/mp playbook is to dig in and ride it out. Mam says blah blah and understands why people shut off for the weekend because everything is too much. Ana says it will get worse. (of course it will.)

Hot Topic Racist in Chief Lies Again

RiC facing backlash, now claims that he wasn’t aware, didn’t like it, and pretends to be against the (planned) SEND HER BACK chants at KKK rally in Greenville NC. Sunny calls b.s., he didn’t tell them to stop, didn’t tell them it wasn’t appropriate, that he normalized it. His daughter in law Lara Tr/mp did a warm up act to queue up the crowd, led them in a call-response chant. Ana brings up history, re/George Wallace, Strom Thurmond, terrible week with racism. Finds there’s a direct correlation to racism and sheer stupidity. Mam My Sister™ wasn’t born in US (Bangladesh). She says she’s getting calls from fellow GOP asking, what do we do. Believes if Dems can’t beat this, they’ll never win. Joy says he was blatantly racist in 2016 but Mam feels like he’s on acid at this point. Ana doesn’t understand the fools contorting themselves, like Mitch (wife from Taiwan), Marco Rubio, who can only tweet Bible verses (lol). Ana and Sunny call out Marco again, together. Joy and Mam fight a bit. Joy wonders why Mam’s friends don’t speak up, Mam says some are private and don’t have a platform like she does. Mam has a mini-meltdown because she’s upset at the racist label for GOP. Ana makes it clear, nothing else matters, people can’t vote for him. More venting. Joy didn’t referee this well, it devolves to a lot of over-talking.

Hot Topic Ana Summer Reading List

[postponed from last week]

Ladies Get Lit
Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Novel that tells the story of a young Nigerian woman, Ifemelu, who immigrates to the United States to attend university. The novel traces Ifemelu's life in both countries, threaded by her love story with high school classmate Obinze.
Read more about author here

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
A classic novel that was (still is?) required reading in school. The plot and characters are loosely based on Lee's observations of her family, her neighbors and an event that occurred near her hometown of Monroeville, Alabama, in 1936, when she was 10 years old. Also a 1962 film with Gregory Peck as the titular moral center Atticus Finch. He won Best Oscar-Actor for his performance.
Read more about author here

Mam My Father™ count = 0

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