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The View: Mark Sanford, Hot Topics

Mark Sanford May Challenge Racist in Chief for GOP in 2020

[Did anyone watch live, I thought Hickenlooper was going to be a guest today?]

Fmr Governor and House Rep (R-SC) Mark Sanford says he’ll give it 30 days to see if there’s interest for him to challenge Racist in Chief in 2020. Joy points out that RiC will prey on Sanford’s previous extramarital affair, Sanford addresses this. (I mean lol @ Tr/mp using that as a weapon). Joy reminds that he plays really dirty, is Sanford up for that. Mam says GOP is afraid to break ranks to support him, because that may make them lose. Sanford calls out the previous Dem debate, neither night mentions our debt and deficits and potential financial storm we’re facing.

Joy brings up economy again, how will GOP respond to him. Sanford tells folksy analogies, talks tragedy of our deficit and interest on the debt, stats and numbers, a storm is brewing. Sunny mentions RiC doubling down on attacks on the Squad, does he think comments are racist? = Yes (duck analogy). Mentions it’s at odds with the Bible, at odds with our Constitution, the institutional framework is that we debate at the table. Sanford says everyone plays the Tr/mp game by always reacting. [UNFOLLOW TR/MP GODDDD]. Sunny wants to know why GOP isn’t calling him out, he points out they came at him just on exploratory run. Joy says he should run as Independent (lol). He name drops McCain (but no My Father™). Whoopi says decide in 15 days not 30 days because we’re a dumpster fire now.

Hot Topic Racist In Chief Incites SEND HER BACKCollapse )

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Mam My Father™ count = 0

Sorry this is late my lovelies but I was at a conference today, kisses xx

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