Tupac superfan forced to resign day after sending Tupac related email

- The governor of Iowa fired Jerry Foxhoven, the director of Iowa's Department of Human Services, the day after sending the above email to over 4,000 agency employees. His colleagues think someone complained about the emails he send that regularly mention Tupac. The governor says the email is not the reason he was fired.

- He first became a fan in the 90's when Tupac was still alive.
- Most of the staff seemed to love his Tupac related email but he did have one "hater". One staff member wrote him "I love your 2PAC messages...  that you still send them (despite the haters) makes me appreciate them even more." He responded back with, "I am going to hang in there on him -- despite all the naysayers."
- On the anniversary of Tupac's death he told one colleague in an email that he "may seem a little down because today is the 22nd annivesary of 2Pac's death".
- He held "Tupac Fridays" in his office and invited people to enjoy Tupac's music.
- When he was a professor at Drake University he assigned his class mandatory Tupac reading.
- Public records indicate that one of his emails has the username thuglife13*@****.com
- His colleagues brought him Tupac themed cookies to the office for his birthday.

Source NPR article, Tim Mak's twitter thread, and Complex tweet

Most of the info came from Tim Mak's (who also wrote the NPR article) twitter thread on this which is hilarious!