Watch Jennifer Lopez battle the NYC blackout

A little city-wide blackout can't keep a good performer down. JLO has uploaded a new episode in her Tour Diary Youtube series and this one is particularly eventful as it goes through the events of last weekend's blackout in New York City which happened right in the middle of Jennifer's second Madison Square Garden show.

In the video JLO can be seen distressed and unnerved by the blackout and planning to resume the show immediately only to be told by MSG organizers that the venue only had 30 mins of backup power and that it would impossible and unsafe to do so. Jennifer is quite frustrated and is seen getting consoled by her team and fiance Alex Rodriguez.

Although Jennifer reveals that the now cancelled show is covered by her tour insurance and she can just refund everyone and get on with the next date of the tour, she doesn't want to do that so she hastily reschedules the show two days later, on Monday. Where there's a will there's a way!

Footage from the rescheduled night

How did you deal with the blackout ONTD?

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