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Keke Palmer and Lance Bass host"Strahan and Sara"

-Summer co host KeKe Palmer welcomes Lance Bass on the couch. First kisses, Joe Manganiello,Lance Bass superfan and 58 year old woman who tried out for sports illustrated.

-Keke says her first kiss was with Corbin Bleu in a film. They show a clip and Lance says that was a peck and he gives a list of types of kisses.

- He said he had his first peck at 5, first tongue kiss in 6th grade and his first "real kiss" with a guy, was with a Britney Spears backup dancer.


[Spoiler (click to open)]

-Joe manganiello promotes his film" Bottom of the 9th"

- They do the face app on him to age him and he looks bascally the same.

- He costars with wife Sofia vegara
and at first didn't want to because he feels more pressure is put on when a couple work together. It went fine.

- He says it was weird kissing her because he did it in charecter.

- Went to Italy where his name means billy club and they pronounced it right.


[Spoiler (click to open)]

- Lance squares off with a superfan to see who knows Lance best.

-Questions include what did *NSYNC stand for. What is Lance's fav *NSYNC song and what track listing was it, [Spoiler (click to open)] It makes me ill track 4 What was his first screen credit[Spoiler (click to open)] 7th heaven as Lucy's date. The superfan remembers his charecters name and what tv star did he take to prom.[Spoiler (click to open)] Danielle fishel. Topanga from "boy meets world".

[Spoiler (click to open)]

-Jodi Harrison-Bauer went out for the open casting call for sports illustrated and made the top 60.

- She says at 58 fear is her friend as she no longer holds back and feels like she can do anything with her new husband and daughters encouragment.

Ontd: What do you consider a real kiss?
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