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ONTD Original: 10 reasons Harry Styles is unqualified to play Prince Eric in “The Little Mermaid”

Is this your Prince?!

Me reading the rumors and recent headlines:

I present to you 10 reasons this individual is unqualified to play Prince Eric.

Uno: He retired.

Dos: She’s too young for you bro. Halle Bailey is 19, he is 25 [citation needed]. It’s just not realistic.

Tres: Prince Eric is handsome and/or decent looking and...he is not.

Cuatro: He can barely swim in the ocean, needs a life vest, still drowns.

(Yes, Prince Eric drowns in the film during a storm. He however saves Ariel in the finale against Ursula and shoots her underwater. Swimming is a requirement).

Cinco: He’s a known thief. No bueno for that wholesome and clean Disney image.

Seis: He just doesn’t have the range.

Siete: Harry has a receding hairline, Prince Eric does not.

Ocho: According to the film’s official novelization, Eric is 18. There’s no way Hagrid could pass off as a teenager or even someone in their early 20’s in the film.

Nueve: Lacks acting experience and peaked at iCarly.

Diez: Did I mention that he is a thief?

ONTD, who would you like to see play Prince Eric in the live adaptation?

Source: An Eric and 1 | 2 | 3
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