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The View: Ricky Gervais, Hot Topics

Ricky Gervais is a Comedian

[For reasons unknown, The View never loaded clips for Ricky Gervais segment. The other video from a random youtube user was also removed. Idky]

Ricky tells jokes about current affairs, hot topics. Talks The Office which premiered 18 yrs ago, became famous at 39-40 yrs old. Says he tried to be a pop star but failed, then a normal office job. Banters and jokes with hosts. Has a show on Sirius radio. Also has a Netflix show After Life. He relates to the character. Tells life stories. He’s a huge animal lover. Shows doggie photos Starbuck and Skylar. He goes for walk every day just to meet dogs and scruffle them. When he retires, he wants a castle and get every rescue dog he can. He has a cat. Stand up tour Super Nature, fastest selling comedy tour of all time.

Hot Topic House Chaos on Floor Vote to Condemn Racist in Chief

Plays clips. Pelosi said Tr/mp comments were “racist”. GOP interrupts. Pelosi said she cleared her remarks with the parliamentary. So first they had to vote on the remarks, then they eventually voted on the resolution. The House has a rule to not insult a potus on the House floor. So you can’t call a racist a racist because GODDDDDD. Hosts talk history and UK Parliament brawls (and they wear wigs, it’s great). The last was Taft in 1912 for trying to influence Senate election. Sunny points out that Pelosi knows Tr/mp feels his image and legacy is everything, so now it’s recorded for all of history that he is A RACIST. (Pelosi also knows the language rules but said what she said anyway). More racist debate. Anyway, the resolution passed, including 4 GOP who broke ranks.

Hot Topic Kellyanne is Also a Racist

[Plays clip]
[Jewish] Journalist: If the Racist in Chief was not telling these four congresswomen to return to their supposed countries of origin, to which countries was he referring?
Kellyanne: What’s your ethnicity?

Hosts discuss that Kellyanne is trash. Mam says she’s tone deaf. Plus Kellyanne’s wacky husband George Conway @gtconway3d who never holds back his hatred for Racist in Chief yet he’s still married to the over-tanned woman from What About Mary who now has a new hairstyle. They all are incensed at Kellyanne comments, in front of WH no less. And George is not-white (Philippines), so their kids are also part not-white. Kellyanne says she doesn’t have another job to go to, so oh well.

Hot Topic Old NBC Video Surfaces With Racist In Chief and Epstein

NBC found archival footage from 1992 of Tr/mp private party that included Epstein. It’s what you might think it is. (Search the internet for the full clips). Tr/mp is low-key dancing. Clearly chummy with Epstein. Pointing out and talking about the NFL cheerleaders who were at this private party. Joy points out again that he’s scared because he knows this is out there. In another clip he grabs a woman and palms her butt (see tweet below). NY Public Corruption Unit is overseeing Epstein case; Sunny feels that means a public official may be involved. Cites 2008 investigation, where Eliot Spitzer was involved. Mam says blah blah.

Sunny has legal disclaimer: Epstein has pleaded not guilty to the charges. Tr/mp has claimed he didn’t like the guy and cut him loose, downplayed his relationship.

Hot Topic Creepy Old Age App That Causes Nightmares and Violates Your Privacy

New app that ages your photo. It’s creepy lol. Joy says the regime is doing that already. They show each host photo. Whoopi looks the same or younger looool.

ps The app requires your Facebook login, receives your name-profile picture-photos-email address used by fb, privacy policy is ambiguous, app company is based in St Petersburg Russia.

Hot Topic Real Housewives Divorce

Camille Grammar and Denise Richards were asked about how they handled their divorces. Neither had a prenup but both were entitled to half. Camille took half, Denise took less than half. Plays clip. Camille was not nice and has weird lips. The hosts laugh that they all have the same lips. Whoopi talks about her divorce. Hosts discuss prenups.

Hot Topic Glioblastoma Awareness Day

Cancer sucks. I give her My Father™ a pass on this topic.

Mam My Father™ count = 1

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