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Arrowverse Shows Cover EW's First Monthly Issue

-amell, gustin, and benoist were all the first actors to audition for their parts
-there wasn't much of a plan to season 1 of arrow besides "grounding it in reality" and getting the audience invested in oliver's crusade - allowing for the show to evolve "naturally"
-did not originally plan to create an entire universe but halfway through arrow season 1, berlanti began to want to head to the flash
-midway through season 6 amell realized he was ready to walk away and pitched oliver leaving at the end of season 7 but berlanti persuaded him into one final, shortened season
-speak on how emily bett rickards changed the show in ways no one saw coming. amell says the show might not have worked out if they hadn't randomly found her. the show is completely different without it's heart going into the final season (emily is currently doing a broadway play called reborning)
-during arrow's final season oliver will be road-tripping through the multiverse with the monitor, who snatched him from felicity and newborn daughter mia at the end of season 7, to try and stop crisis on infinite earths from happening
-colin donnell & josh segarra will be returning as tommy merlyn and adrian chase
-a reminder that this year's crossover is FIVE FUCKING HOURS and airing in two chunks this coming fall and spring
-oliver coming to terms with the fact his prophecy is dying soon
-amell's dumbass has always wanted oliver to die in the series finale and may be getting his wish! found out what the final scene of the show is at the cover shoot for this issue from marc guggenshits and cried

idk what to tell y'all the story was all about arrow! there's probably more on the other four shows in the issue if you feel like purchasing it lmao

-ruby: is living her childhood dream, kate is finding where she fits in the world
-melissa: loves how much kara has grown from season 1, season 5 is a "fight for lena luthor" & wants to see kara go to therapy
-grant: doesn't have a checklist anymore for what he wishes to see on the show because they've "done it all", hopes the show puts a bow on the big bad of the series: reverse flash, thinks the arrowverse has set a new standard for what can be done on television
-sara: is getting an illness which will turn into a superpower - not necessarily a good thing
-stephen: always felt oliver should die as a hero without any superpowers, recalls how ew's first review of the pilot was "it's good but superhero shows don't work on tv" - is glad they were proved wrong

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