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Terminator: Dark Fate Creates a New Future for the Franchise

Taking place after Judgement Day: the story revolves around a woman named Dani Ramos (Reyes), who becomes the target of a new liquid metal Terminator (Luna) sent from the future to kill her for reasons yet to be revealed. Dani falls under the protection of an android/human hybrid known as Grace (Davis) and ultimately is aided by both Sarah and the T-800 (Schwarzenegger) in her quest to stay alive.

Linda Hamilton on coming back to the franchise:
“The fact that so many years have passed for the character of Sarah Connor intrigued me,” Hamilton says via email. “Certainly, events have marked her. I wanted to explore that… who is she NOW?”

adding that Sarah is in a dark place when we meet her in the new film. “She is a wild thing still, but her mission has changed. The years have not treated her kindly. She is bitter, near-broken, and very much alone.”

Mackenzie Davis' character, Grace, is an 'augment' a human that has been enhanced to fight the machines. “She's faster than normal. She's stronger than normal. You give her a set of futuristic weapons, and she is a force to be reckoned with. [Augments] are the shock troops in the future war. But they feel pain. They feel emotion. It’s a messy process; it’s imperfect; it’s not shiny and clean, but she’s fucking tough as nails.”

They are secretive of Natalia Reyes character, Dani. She's obviously someone very important to the future.

Gabriel Luna wanted to a hybrid of Arnold and Robert Patrick's terminators and gained 14 pounds of muscle for the role.


I'm so glad she's back
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