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The View: Joel McHale, Hot Topics

Joel McHale Says Things

[I miss Talk Soup, y’all remember that show?]
Sunny talks The Bachelorette with Joel. He thinks the folks who go on the show are super crazy. Mam thinks they’re all from Scottsdale. Whoopi brings up Bean Bag, his French Bull Dog that he got a year ago, shows pics and videos /cute doggie. Joy thinks they have medical marijuana for dogs like that. Doggie is feisty funny. Talks more doggie stories.

Joel is the host of Card Sharks. Talks about show. Says he cries when people win money, mentions guy who won $200K. Swam with sharks in Eat Pray Chum. Banters with hosts. Has a stand up special Live From Pyongyang which was actually shot in San Jose. It debuts in August on Comedy Dynamics (Idk what that is).

Hot Topic Squad Press Conf Was Great

Whoopi recaps what Racist In Chief said. Then plays clip of the Squad responding. Except it’s a clip from The Bachelorette lol. Mam wonders if that was on purpose. Anyway, plays real clip of press conference. Whoopi liked what they had to say, then gives disclaimer it’s still America and we have free speech, or we’re f/cked. Someone in audience says, we already are. Whoopi talks to them. Sunny says she heard four patriots. She thinks he’s racist, and used racist and bigoted language. He’s trying to squelch dissent. Joy feels he’s running very scared. Mueller* is supposed to testify next week. He’s scared about Epstein. E Jean Carroll is threatening to open a case. If he doesn’t win in 2020, then he’ll be indicted. Says he doesn’t have a clue about actual policies and is stupid. Mam doesn’t think he’s stupid but isn’t politically astute.

Mam gives GOP talking points about the Squad blah blah. Suggests Omar was censured (No, addressed in next section below). Mam thinks calling for impeachment is unwise, politically speaking. Sunny feels the Dems are a huge tent, there is room for new ideas, but GOP wants the Squad to be the face of the party because it works for opposition. Joy reminds that the GOP keeps using trigger words like Socialists to misdirect (and it’s a lie anyway, crack a book or at least google socialism and communism).

*Odds for Mueller actually testifying? Anyone? Bueller?

Hot Topic Racist GOP Refuses to Rebuke Racist In Chief

Sunny says AOC mentioned 3,381x on Fox and 4x more than McConnell. They’re trying to make AOC the face of the enemy with lies. Omar wasn’t censured herself, it was a wide-ranging censure about anti-Semitism. Sunny points out you can be critical of Israeli politics without being anti-Semitic. Joy points out Omar became a naturalized citizen in 2000, earlier than Melanie, she should go back to Slovenia. Mam says blah blah and reads statement from Senator Tim Scott (R-SC). Joy rolls her eyes while Mam is reading looool. Whoopi reminds that Tr/mp has said a lot of horrible things but never apologized. Joy points out the hypocrisy of Tr/mp accusing people of exactly what he said about his own country.

Hot Topic Racist in Chief Hates Bees

Tr/mp approved an insecticide made by DOW* that kills bees, and the regime ended a study that tracks bee health. Killing bees kills humans. Pollinating helps crops, and so on. Whoopi is being serious. Bees matter. Whoopi and Sunny are beekeepers. Mam says TN is wanting drug users to not flush their drugs down the toilet, because it’s contaminating the wildlife. Search Methgator on twitter. *DOW donated $1M to Tr/mp campaign.

Hot Topic Summer Cash Sweepstakes Day 1

Every day this week, a home viewer (register online) is winning $1K and an audience member is getting $5K, sponsored by Publishers Clearing House. Whoopi is in a booth with papers that each have a seat number on it. Air blows the paper, Whoopi tries to grab a paper. That seat number is the audience member who wins the $5K. Idk what the point of this is but hey get money you lucky folks!

My Father™ count = 0

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