The All-American Rejects New Music and News Roundup

After a ton of teasers on their social media, AAR has FINALLY officially released Send Her To Heaven (itsbeen84years.gif) on an EP of the same name, along with a video:

The second song on the EP is DGAF, which they've also been playing live for awhile:

The final song is Demons, which some fans on the subreddit knew about but it's not listed on so idk if people just haven't put it on their setlists or what:

They also appear to have signed with Epitaph Records (source), after announcing they were leaving Interscope last year. Hopefully more new music is coming soon, OP has been parched! Their last full album was released in 2012.

Also, if you haven't already listened to the Sweat EP, released in 2017, get on it, and watch the short film.

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What's your favorite song by the most underrated pop-punk band of the mid-00s?