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The Bachelorette's Luke P says he wasn't judging Hannah...followed by judging her on Twitter

*On last night's edition of The Bachelorette, infamous God shower-er Luke P decided to set Hannah straight on a few things--mainly that if she wants to be his wife, she better not be having sex with other dudes on the show, although he would forgive her if she slipped up and fell on someone's penis. But only if it was one penis, one time.

*Hannah, who was not here for Luke's reformed fuckboy ways, promptly told him to GTFO, but not before telling him she'd full tilt ridden a windmill earlier that week with one of the other contestants. Twice.

*Luke took to his IG page to express remorse that Hannah thought he was passing judgement on her during their conversation, because as he later showed, judgement is saved for Twitter! Luckily just as on the show, Hannah told him right where he can stick that judgement.

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Have you ever been judged for having sex in a windmill by someone who showers with God, ONTD?
Tags: celebrity social media, religion, television - abc, the bachelor / bachelorette (abc), you mad
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