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Real Housewives of Potomac 4.10 "Patient Egg Head Husbands and Indicted Egg Head Husbands" Recap

- Can you believe it girls? Two weeks in a row and this light skint heffas delivered.
- The Bratz Doll is more and more like her mother every week and OP cannot believe she's saying this, but someone please form a prayer circle and GoFundMe for this white man to be free
- "Five seconds ago"
- Her Brokness confronts Budget Cantrell about throwing her under the bus at that legendary dinner party
- we finally get to the news that a cameraman on the show wants to file charges against the Nosy Sugar Baby's Husband because he groped him. An anecdote, Michael also groped the ex-partner of Crunchy Wigs Katie
- The Bratz Doll had the whole ass nerve to call Monique "hood"
- Queen Kurn gets in Budget Cantrell's and the Nosy Sugar Baby's asses - get ha Kurn!!!!!!
- Glowing Pregnant Lady Monique is the voice of reason, just trying to eat
- "It was great having you"
- So is the Nosy Sugar Baby denying that this incident happened or she's not sure what transpired because she's flip-flopping faster than Old Navy can sell them.

This legendary episode has been brought to you by not realizing you're the common denominator all conflicts, you're the fucking asshole.
Tags: reality show - bravo, the real housewives (bravo)
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