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legend missy elliott covers 'marie claire''s august issue

  • [on her influence and legacy] “i was just going, going, going,” she says. “it wasn’t resonating what was happening. after I did the super bowl [in 2015], my friends called me and they are like, ‘so, what you about to do?’ i'm here mopping my floor, and i got to wash the dogs. and they are like, ‘what? you just finished doing the super bowl.’ and the same thing happened...i was in the car with michelle obama [for ‘carpool karaoke’ in 2016], and they called me like, ‘girl, we got to celebrate; that’s huge!’ and i’m like, ‘i’m watching a movie on netflix.’ now that i’ve had a chance to slow down, i look back at stuff, and i look back at my ‘she’s a bitch’ video [1999], and at the time i didn’t even think about it. but i look at it now and i’m like, ‘this is still so many years ahead.’”

  • [on new music] now, new missy music is coming. she says it’s time to make street dudes enjoy dancing again, like in the days of soul train. “it’s okay,” she says. “it’s not corny.”

  • the drive to develop other artists is what convinced her to sign her record deal with elektra, the only one that gave her what she wanted: her own label deal. that’s how we got supa dupa fly. with god’s hand in her hand, her other hand is open for anyone with talent, drive, and something different to say. “whenever god decides to call, i want to have that legacy of being able, not just music or videos that people thought were great,” she says. “mary [j. blige], faith [evans], puff [sean combs], all of them taught me so many things. i want to be that person that people say, ‘hey, missy said she did it like this.’ if a billionaire told me they read 400 books to become a billionaire, i’m going, ‘where is the barnes & noble at? let me get 400 books.’ and just giving wisdom, because that blessing don’t come for you, like my grandma said, to keep it for yourself. it is to share. and hopefully i have done that. i do want to make the generation behind feel like, don’t be afraid, because we are in a time where so many people can be artists. now you can just post up, and if it gets to the right person, then it’s just viral. i want to be able to encourage those who don’t go viral...a lot of people out there that have 452 or 100 followers may be talented. i want them to not feel like they have to do what everybody else is doing to gain that attention. just be you. it’s going to catch hold somewhere.”

  • [on her inspiration] “when we were up in rochester, [virginia,] we didn’t listen to the radio, we didn’t watch videos, so we didn’t hear nor see. we created a sound that we didn’t even know we were creating. it’s just that we didn’t know what was hot, so we just was creating music,” elliott says. “i wish I could get back to that space of not seeing or hearing, because when you see and hear, you start to concentrate, and then you are afraid to try something new because it don’t sound like anything else."

  • “it’s funny because i was just telling somebody that everything i spoke, i’ve done. and that’s how powerful the tongue is....i used to sit in the house and act like I was having conversations with janet and michael and madonna and whoever. i then would go and say my thank yous for award shows that i hadn’t made it to yet. i had speeches, and i would be in the mirror thanking my mama.”

  • "on may 11th, elliott received her doctorate in music. on june 13th, she became the first female hip-hop artist inducted into the songwriters hall of fame. her legacy is undeniable, and her will to keep making music is unstoppable. when i ask her my final question—what she wants us all to be thinking when we finish listening to her next album for the first time—she closes her eyes again and thinks. there are no tears this time but a small smile spreading into that inimitable grin right before she answers: 'there’s no one like missy. no one.'”

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