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Chinese final fantasy players are eating lots of KFC for a Chocobo

The fat, black Chocobo is the rarest mount on hot MMO RPG, final fantasy XIV. Available as a bonus attached to different special offers, and in China to get a code for one you have to eat lots of KFC.

The way it works is you buy a family deal for four, and eat the whole thing. It's only available if you dine-in and they do enforce the rule that you have to finish it before they'll hand you the code. Here's what's in the meal per person:

1 Double Chicken Burger
1 Vegan Mushroom Burger
1 5-piece Chicken Nuggets
2 Original Recipe Chicken
1 2-piece New Orland Chicken Wings
1 Old Beijing Spicy Duck Roll
2 Pepsi (Large)
2 Peach Oolong Tea (Large)

And if you actually manage to eat all of that, you get one code. So if you treat this like a raid and take three of your fellow Warriors of Light with you, that means you have to go back four times so you all get matching mounts. Yet Chinese FF14 players have attempted it, and succeeded. Even, amazingly, some players who soloed it. The resulting memes are great and have taken the net by storm.

Would you try this and get a black, fat Chocobo? Do you like fried chicken? 🍗

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