Lady Gaga's beauty line facing backlash over Amazon partnership and hypocrisy

Lady Gaga, who announced the release of her Amazon-exclusive beauty collection titled 'Haus Laboratories' last week, made the ill-timed decision to launch her products on Amazon's Prime Day (which is their version of Black Friday) –– the same day Amazon warehouse workers are holding a national protest against the company's unfair wages and unsafe working conditions. (The billion dollar company only recently raised their minimum wage to $15/hour, but cut benefits and incentive pay in the process)

Fans have been speaking out against Gaga's partnership on social media, while blog Jezebel is criticizing the brand for promoting the notion "that self love and acceptance are found in our purchasing habits", and exploiting queer aesthetics in the process. "When the hollow, queer messaging baked into the marketing materials is targeted at Lady Gaga’s largely gay audience, the move is particularly hypocritical."

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