Taylor Swift Encourages Swifties to Cross Amazon Digital Picket Line + More Celebs Show Support!!

Hot off her headlining appearance at the Amazon Prime Day infomercial Concert, Taylor Swift is further pledging her allegiance to Amazon, the company whose employees are currently striking in response to Prime Day and working conditions. Taylor is offering fans separate options to digitally cross the picket line, with two exclusive Lover™ merch bundles on Amazon available for the duration of the sale.

Over the weekend, Kelly Clarkson tweeted that Taylor Swift should "re-record all the songs that [Taylor] don't own the masters on" and every media outlet has picked it up as a story. Of course, everyone is bringing up Jojo again, but not explaining the context of her re-records in comparison to Taylor: Jojo's albums weren't available to stream because her label was incompetent, while Taylor's albums are all currently available on Spotify and Apple Music, and Big Machine has no reason to pull them.

Taylor also 'liked' a tweet from Nancy Sinatra about advice her Dad gave her, while encouraging Taylor to fight for the masters she willfully walked away from and now has no legal right to:

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ONTD: Did y'all cross the picket line for Prime Day deals?