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How did Scream season 3 unfold? Come 'round and find out!

VH1 just aired the long-stalled third season, doing 2 episodes per night over a span of 3 nights. With a cast featuring Tyga, Mary J. Blige, and Tyler Posey, what happened????

[Spoiler (click to open)]

-Paris Jackson makes a cameo in the opening scene with a blonde bob; essentially the Drew Barrymore role. She gets a creepy phonecall on Halloween night and then someone in a Ghostface costume shows up at her door trick or treating. They "stab her" and she doesn't die because it's a toy knife and just a kid. Who saw that coming?

-Tyler Posey played a DJ promoter and died pretty early on, along with a few more fringe characters.

-Main character Deion had a twin brother (Marcus) who died on Halloween night, via a creepy man with a hook for a hand. He thinks somehow Marcus is back to get revenge because he abandoned him on the night of his murder. All of this is getting in the way of his ~future university football career~

-TWIST: It was actually Deion who died that night and Marcus took his identity because his mother (Mary J. Blige) though Deion was still alive. Deion was always the favoured twin, so Marcus decided to lie. It's now 8 years later and she still doesn't know (nor will she ever know?).

-Subplot time: Liv, the cop's daughter, is never around as the killings happen. She hacks her dad's computer to discover Marcus could still be alive. She has a burner phone. She also thinks a killer is among their group, which makes her look suspicious af. However, her dad warns Deion that she hasn't been well since her mother left, and she's seen lighting her sleeves on fire at the end of an episode. She's ~crazy~

-Who were the killers? Jamal (Tyga), who plays Deion/Marcus' half-brother. He blames "Deion" for taking his father away once Mary J. Blige married him. High school tattoo artist (wtf how) Beth, the goth with a ton of knowledge on scary movies, was his accomplice.

-Beth and Jamal bonded while she tattooed him and he spilled his life story to her. She loved scary movies but they wasn't enough and this fell into her lap so she could live it out. Jamal knew Deion was actually Marcus from meeting the real Deion as a child.

-Jamal eventually dies because Beth kills him.

-Deion Marcus, Keke Palmer, and sketchy ass Liv are the only 3 alive at the end. Marcus gets into San Diego State to play football, Mary J. Blige still doesn't know her son's true identity, AND he's dating Liv.

-He gets a call from “No Caller ID” at the end of the finale, but decides not to answer the phone. Does this mean we're getting a season 4?

ONTD, tell me you watched this mess. Oblig:

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