Light Watch: Conan O'Brien Interviews His Assistant

Sona Movsesian!
"First of all, I mean, I've been working for you for over ten years, so, obviously I like it. But there are times when I wanna, like... poison your food or I really think about ways to kill you, slowly."

Why should I care?

These two have a fantastic chemistry. Sona is described as someone who "tells it like it is" and doesn't suck up to Conan or is intimidated by him in the least. Quite the opposite, actually.

K, literally who tho?
She's worked with Conan for over ten years and is featured on his podcast Conan O'Brien Needs A Friend. She's Armenian, fluent in the language, and has her degree in Communications and Media (University of Southern California).

..."Light watch"?
Yeah! It's a fun video to check out in your spare time. Sometimes, it's all ya need in a day.