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Life After Lockup 2.19 "Kissing You Under the Ghettotoe" Discussion Post

- Michael's "friend" Roc throws Megan under the bus saying they didn't kiss
- Look at Misogylino apologin'!!!!!! He's a supportive Uber driver taking Brittany to see Sascha's court date
- Clint knows he did some of that crickety-crack! He drops Tracie off to finalize that she's off parole, but he should probably wait for her in the parking lot
- Bodega Lime Display Hater Andrea confronts Subpar Mormon Lamar about him going to hang out
- Lizzie and her Chi-Chis take Bob's Burgers Illustration Come to Life Scott on a beach date because she's tired of splitting the check with frat boys
- Apparently Sharlene, Scott's friend, is living with him and Lizzie's Tiddies are angry
- Clint found a THIRD woman to flirt with - how does this man have ANY mack to lay down?
- Vile Ass Imbecile Michael EXPECTED Megan to be loyal. The Idiot thinks he can magically travel from Michigan to New York in one day to see his 'daughter born' despite that he could've asked his PO weeks in advance for permission. His momma and her crimp weave ponytail gives him a D. West lecture
- Ummmm, they're going to fingerbang in the gang owned car wash again, aren't they?
- Peep Marcelino in the cowboy boots!
- Sascha tries to tell her story in front of the judge, but he sentences her to ten years in prison
- We don't have a jail/ jail sentence tag, but we've got a Jai Courtney tag?
- Vegas, baby, Vegas! I don't care if the champagne cost $2, do not drink it like it's a damn tequila shot.
- Michael has left the driveway.

This episode is brought to you by come on, ya know OP had to hit you and traumatize you with this thumbnail.
Tags: legal / lawsuit, reality show, you in danger

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