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Everything You Need to Know About the New Season of Veronica Mars

The Veronica Mars revival drops on Hulu July 26th and TVGuide has released a video catching everyone up on the need to know info.

Kristen Bell is, of course, returning as our hero Veronica Mars. Also returning is Jason Dohring as Veronica's bad boy turned good true love Logan, Enrico Colantoni as Veronica's loyal dad and fellow detective Keith, Percy Daggs III as Veronica's long-suffering bestie Wallace, Francis Capra as biker Weevil, and Ryan Hansen as Logan's dumbass BFF Dick.

Joining the cast are Kirby Howell-Baptiste as Nicole, a nightclub owner and Veronica's pal, Izabela Vidovic as Mattie, teenager investigating her own mystery, J. K. Simmons as Clyde, an ex-con and fixer for Dick's dad, Mary McDonnell as a therapist and Dawnn Lewis as the new police chief Marcia.

While the show was not allowed f-bombs by Hulu, we will see language, violence and sex in the revival. The show gets around the no f-bombs rule by having Keith and Veronica engage in a no cursing contest, much to Logan's dismay. The cast also said this is a much darker show.

  • Neptune is now fully incorporated, which has heightened class tensions in the town.

  • Dick's father is out of jail and ticked lower and middle class Neptune has revitalized as a spring break destination because he wants to build luxury condos where the businesses are. Coincidentally, someone is bombing businesses in Neptune.

  • Veronica and Logan are still happily together, living together and have adopted a dog named Pony.

  • Logan is now the stable partner of the relationship, attending therapy and having good relationships with Wallace and Keith. Veronica is the more unstable, reckless one this time around.

  • Speaking of Wallace, he's now a family man with a successful wife. He and Logan have become buddies, having wine and game nights.

  • Veronica and Logan will be at a crossroads, with Logan knowing what he wants with his future (house, marriage and kids), while Veronica is more unsure if she wants to grow up.

  • Veronica and Weevil are no longer friends or allies, with Veronica thinking Weevil is a sellout for accepting settlement money from the sheriff's department for planting a gun on him in the film. She wanted him to fight corruption while Weevil just wanted his wife back. So they are at odds.

  • Meanwhile, Keith is still struggling from his near-death incident in the film, relying on a cane and wondering if it's time for retirement.

  • Veronica and Keith co-own Mars Investigations and are struggling to pay the bills when they get wrapped up in the bombing mystery. Veronica now carries a gun.

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