Mayu Tomita Suing Tokyo Police for $700,000

- survived 60 stab wounds in a vicious attack from a rabid fan,

- suing the Tokyo Metropolitan Police for their failure in preventing her nearly fatal injuries and ignoring the death threats,

- Tomohiro Iwazaki sent her books and a wristwatch which she returned,

- then he messaged her with over 400 threatening messages on Twitter,

- she alerted the police and contacted them again two weeks before the stabbing,

- the police considered Iwazaki to “pose no immediate threat”,

- contacted the police again two days before the performance but was still denied additional security,

- Iwazaki was sentenced to 14 years and six months in prison,

- Tomita was hospitalized for four months,

- she possesses partial blindness in one eye, suffers from ptsd and has complications eating and singing.

source: twitter