Billie Eilish Ain't Here For "Ugly Guys" Who Become "Horrible" After Starting To Date "Hot Girls"

- Singer Billie Eilish, from "bad guy" fame, went off about ugly guys who date hot girls in a interview for Pitchfork
- The 17 years old poured some hot tea by saying: "Why is every pretty girl with a horrible looking man? I don't understand. Look, I'm not shaming people for their looks, but I am though. You give an ugly guy a chance, he thinks he rules the world. I swear to God, because they got a hot girl, they can be horrible? Like, you're still ugly though. Can't change that. Maybe that's why. Maybe that's why guys with small dicks get like huge mansions. To make up for it, you know. Or like really nice cars (laughs), you know."
- Of course, ugly men all over social media felt targeted and got mad at Billie for being "shallow", missing her entire point.

Full video, the 'ugly guys' rant starts at 3:05

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ONTD, do you agree with Billie that ugly men become even more awful when they date pretty girls?