Cardi B Leaks Chart Showing How Much Money She Makes From Each Concert

In a deleted IG post, she shared a a chart showing the fees she is earning from all her concerts this summer.
Between June and August, Cardi will collect a total of nearly $10 million.
It’s in her financial interest to do one-off shows and festival gigs rather than a full tour.

“I find it so funny that people that ARE NOT FANS have the biggest concerns on why haven’t I done a tour. Welp because here you go, let me break it down for you. Let’s say if I go on tour and I do 600K a night right… sounds good but let’s get in the touring business shall we? Stage production gotta be massive since the fans pay massive so just on stage and production I will have to put about 450K maybe more a night since you know Bardigang deserve everything. Don’t forget, outfit, makeup, hair, I’ll be left with like 150k a night.”