Meghan Markle is being mom-shamed for how she holds Archie — but parenting experts have her back

On Wednesday, Meghan Markle and baby Archie made an appearance at the King Power Royal Charity Polo to watch Prince Harry play alongside his brother, Prince William. The duchess watched the match alongside her sister-in-law Kate Middleton, who played with her own three children nearby.

Both families appeared to enjoy the day, Meghan looked so happy with baby Archie. But of course, people found new things to criticize Meghan about. Meghan is being mommy shamed for the way she is holding Archie.

Lucy Shrimpton, parenting expert at the U.K.’s The Baby Show, said Meghan is doing fine.

”While parents will adopt their own styles of holding and comforting their babies...the way Meghan is pictured holding Archie is actually a commonly recommended hold.”

Shrimpton also states: “She is supporting the majority of Archie's body with her right arm while he rests his head on her chest. Babies are comforted by this position and hearing mom's heartbeat too. So long as the face is to one side, which Archie's is, this is a wonderfully soothing way to hold to a baby.”