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'are you the one?' s08e04: 'we come to slay' recap

we're back for another week of questionable life choices and outright clownery in the name of finding true love. for those of you that haven't watched--spoilers galore-ish--for those of you who have

feel free to get comfy and get messy.

highlights from last night's episode:

justin's feelings for max makes him even cuter! he turns so coy and boyish. their chemistry is palpable; loved the closet canoodling.

jonathan is defiant with his clownery. there is strong evidence to support that he and basit are a match and he has a very obvious connection with basit, and he's been told since day one by multiple people to not only go for the physical--and even accused justin of this exact shit--then goes and chooses brandon because of his fucking body?! even brandon was like and he was not alone in this.

jonathan--and everyone else's--lack of self-awareness is such a double-edged sword; frustrating but also makes good tv.

nour is waaay too possessive and controlling and no one's calling her out for behavior that behavior. and after demanding that amber not kiss paige she goes and makes out with kylie...! #learningandgrowing2019

jenna was truly shocked she was voted one of the most desirable in the house. such a humble hottie. jenna accidentally picking kai and remy for the double date...the level of awkwardness makes me want to curl into myself until i disappear. kai pressuring jenna into a relationship that clearly isn't working isn't healthy.
...but that kiss was hot. kai is such a hottie, but sooo selfish and messy. he brings the worst out of jenna and then plays the victim!

a lot of clownery in this moment. they need to send kari and kylie to the truth booth because they are obviously a perfect match. they're the only couple that have been paired up at each match up ceremony and they've consistently gotten two beams. and they have a strong emotional core and good understanding of one another. kari wasn't even phased at kylie making out with someone else because she understood it.

i like that even though they all lack self-awareness, they are aware enough to make smart observations and share them with one another.
my lowkey mvp (along with jasmine that stays coming through with the truth bombs as well as hair, body and face)

sources 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

paige continues to be a lowkey mvp--i am dying at her changing her twitter avi to an ostrich after nour called her an ostrich trying to come for her looks--very stick figure drawing rihanna. i'm so excited for next week

ontd, are you watching yet or are you on fraud behavior and cornball spirits? if not, please explain yourself in the comments.
Tags: lgbtq film / media, reality show - mtv

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