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The View: Michael Bennet, Hot Topics, Summer Reading List

Senator Michael Bennet Talks Campaign

Editing note: Meghan McCain is heretofore now known as Mam /me again mccain/ because I’m tired of typing her name.

Senator Michael Bennet (D-CO) is running as a moderate. He’s the one who called out Ted Cruz in a fiery speech on the Senate floor over crocodile tears during government shutdown.
Summary of convo: [Spoiler (click to open)]Plays clip of Senate remarks. Says he reached his breaking point over Pouty McFussypants™ achieving nothing during shutdown except hurting people. Joy wants him to keep being fiery. Joy brings up daily outrage, mentions Acosta press briefing yesterday, he never apologized. Bennet thinks Acosta should resign. Deal allowed Epstein to plea for consorting with pr0stitutes, so the victims are referred to as sex workers, not r/pe victims. Bennet thinks people will continue to turn on him. Mam brings up Bennet low polling, questions Why you Why now. Bennet talks historical polling, he has different background, won 2x in difficult races in swing states, looks like the country now. Talks more about his attributes. Previously school superintendent (!) before politics. Thinks Betsy Devos is doing terrible.

Sunny does lightning round. Fix student debt = not to forgive, but lower cost of college, prefers free preschool. Universal pre-K = yes. Climate change = supports findings of Green New Deal, different set of policies he proposes to get there. Thinks existential problem is a climate denier in the WH. Reparations = Yes supports study (which is actually what the bill is for). Thinks there are systemic issues that directly affect black America (lists them), important to face those facts, promotes proposal American Family Act. Drags Tr/mp. Whoopi mentions he was late joining the race because he was diagnosed (and now cleared) of prostate cancer. Health coverage = he’s on his wife’s insurance. Talks about how he found out, no symptoms, because he had insurance with good primary care doctor. Talks Medicare X so people can choose to keep private insurance or have a public option, thinks that’s the fastest way to eventual universal healthcare.

Joy brings up immigration raids this weekend (planned a few weeks ago, postponed due to outcry). Joy equates to rounding up Jews. Bennet mom and her parents were Polish Jews and separated from her family during that era. Drops McCain name, Gang of 8 bi-partisan bill for immigration and path to citizenship (Mam eyes light up lol). Bill would’ve worked but the House never took up the bill due to (previous GOP Speaker) Hastert who is now in prison [due to assaulting boys]. Bennet says Tr/mp acts like we’re a weak country, when Bennet thinks Tr/mp is the weak person. Mam brings up immigration again. Bennet talks his experience with immigration and border, drops McCain name again. Mam says he’s winning her over (surejan.gif she’ll always vote GOP). Whoopi points out they ask questions on behalf of all the nation, not focusing on soundbites.

Hot Topic Do You Wear Romper on Flights

Passenger was traveling with her 8 yr old son, kicked off flight because she was wearing a romper. Plays clip. The whole panel thinks it was absurd. Whoopi says she’s been on planes with people wearing tissues. Segues to beachwear. Joy would like to wear a burka at the beach, always covered up. Wonders if it’s not only race, but also size (because passenger not size 2). Mam shows photo what she wears at pool (a large coverup) because she doesn’t want the hate on social media. Sunny looks up AA carriage policy, dress appropriately, no bare feet or offensive clothing. Points out people are barefoot all the time [gross].

Sunny legal note: AA contacted the passenger to apologize and agreed to issue refund, airline states they’re proud to serve customers of all backgrounds, committed to providing a positive, safe experience.

Hot Topic Infighting

Whoopi talks Pelosi closed door meeting, where she asked caucus to stop airing grievances on social media. Background, the Squad (AOC, Omar, Tlaib, Pressley) were the 4 who voted against Emergency Border Bill (caucus voted Yes because 90% of some help was better than 0% of no help). Pelosi gave interview where she mentioned this particular vote and brought up their social media following. AOC felt Pelosi was being disrespectful. Joy feels it’s disheartening, that it’s between each other – they’re not the enemy. Feels the infighting isn’t helping. Felt the race card was overstepping. Whoopi brings up the ageism conflict. It’s great to have fresh perspective, new generations supporting the cause, felt remarks about existing members discounted what they had done in their history, fighting the fight by themselves. And so on. Joy feels they should keep their eye on the prize, beat Tr/mp.

Hot Topic AOC and Pelosi

Sunny continues with generational clash. Wants them to work together, wants Pelosi to harness this energy from the newer members. Social media following can reflect public sentiment, but says to Pelosi point, they have 4 votes on the House floor, not like 2M followers on twitter, there’s a difference. Both sides need to speak. Mentions Pelosi and AOC haven’t spoken since February (?). Mam mentions Pelosi delivered midterms, Mam once questioned her leadership, but no longer does because of what she’s done and still doing. Doesn’t like her (politics) but feels she deserves respect. Mam was saying Dems eating their own is fascinating but says GOP no longer does that. When it comes to general election, the infighting will distract. Sunny wants Pelosi to be careful if they are called out, re/being an advocate vs legislator. Whoopi says she knew Pelosi didn’t want to pass a moderate bill (emerg. border bill), but points out the Squad isn’t caucusing to gain more support for what they want.

Hot Topic Meghan Summer Reading List

Ladies Get Lit
Panic Attack by Robby Soave
Young radicals in the age of Tr/mp. He’s a journalist who highlights activists across all political spectrums. What drives them, tactics of extremists, why that's likely to backfire.
Read more about the author here

Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens
Novel about woman’s journey after parents and siblings abandon her, growing up in marshes of NC coast. Subsequently two young kids turn up dead, she’s accused, narrative continues. Reese Witherspoon has optioned it for a film.
Read more about the author here

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