Sam Domingo makes Shocking revelations about Scientologist Celebrities

Sam Domingo, Placido Domingo's ex daughter in law, left Scientology after 22 years and has made some shocking claims

- In 2009 John Travolta performed a 'Bring Back to Life' ritual in the ambulance to try to resuscitate his son Jett. Scientologist believe that the Thetan can be ordered back to the body this way. The ritual consist in telling the thetan "I order you to get into the body now", they believe that after someone's death the thetan is still around searching for a new body to continue its journey, so if it gets back into the corpse the person may live again;
-Kelly Preston believes that Jett's thetan lives in Ben, their third child that was born a little more than 1 year after Jett's death;
-Isabella and Connor Cruise are now used to promote the religion. After Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman's divorce, the kids were heavily indoctrinated into the cult, and Marty Rathbun (at the time the second in command in Scientology) used though methods to brainwash them and make them hate their mother, a "Suppressive Person";
-Will and Jada Pinkett Smith are scientologist, even if they keep denying it. Jada is a recruiter for Scientology, and she reportedly brought in Keenen Ivory Wayans and ex wife Daphne. Sam Domingo believes that Jada gets commissions for bringing people in.