Taylor Swift Performs at Prime Day Concert + Logs Back Into Tumblr


Taylor Swift has made her first public appearance since her scorched-earth tumblr letter on June 30 that accused Scooter Braun of spending $350 Million to bully her, performing as the headliner for the Amazon Prime Concert!!

The "concert" served more as a commercial for Amazon, a company whose employees are planning to strike over warehouse working conditions. Jane Lynch spent the night doing bits about Alexa and shipping speed. In between segments there were commercials for Amazon shows. At one point Lynch threw to a highlight reel of The Marvellous Mrs. Maisel, Season 2. Taylor, who promoted the corporate event to her fans over the past couple weeks, didn't take the stage until 2 hours into the live stream.

But, Swift seems to do no wrong: Billboard is giving her headlines for immature lyrics from 5 years ago.

After the performance, Taylor immediately took to tumblr to begin liking fan posts (bonus points if they mention the amazon products and services that were just advertised for hours)

Note that the "photo credit" that she gave was to a fan who took the photo. Since Taylor is so keen on paying the artists she borrows from let's assume that she paid the photographer within the 12 hours of posting.

Oh, and of course, GLAAD is giving free promo to Amazon

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ONTD, did you stream the Prime Day Commercial Concert?