people are debating whether going swimming counts as bathing

it's been quite a year for public dialogue around personal hygiene. recently, a hot debate has been taking over social media and (probably) tearing families apart: does swimming in a pool count as taking a bath?; the spiritual successor to "do you wash your legs?"

does swimming count as bathing?


overall, people actually seem to be pretty split on the issue, both anecdotally and, according to a cdc study, that found that 51% of americans surveyed admitted to using swimming as an alternative to bathing. the cdc also recommends bathing/showering prior to swimming in a pool to minimize germs entering the pool.

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well this was informative. ontd, do you think exposing your body to chlorine-filled water and submerging your body in a bathtub full of soap and water while applying force to your skin with the specific goal of cleaning it are the same thing?
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