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The View: Ellie Kemper, Hot Topics, Summer Reading List

Ellie Kemper Talks Baby Names, Anniversary, Book, Show

Editing note: Meghan McCain is heretofore now known as Mam /me again mccain/ because I’m tired of typing her name.

Ellie Kemper, actress and comedian from The Office and The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt talks pregnancy, baby names, anniversary. Says her little boy James wants to name the new baby Marshall (boy or girl) but she’s like nope. Mam wants to name her kids after cowboys and country singers. She’s married to Michael Koman who wrote for Conan. Talks about her memoir My Squirrel Days which covers her childhood. Tells amusing anecdotes about her life. Talks about her show. Netflix is doing a new special, it will be interactive where audience can make choices where they want the characters to go.

Hot Topic ElPolloLoco™ Defends Acosta on Epstein

/Trigger warning towards end of first clip/
Hosts cover Tr/mp defending Alex Acosta as an “excellent” Labor secretary amid scrutiny over his role in Jeffrey Epstein plea deal, saying “a lot of people” were involved in the deal. Plays clip. Dems are calling for his resignation (plus Ted Cruz). Even his (acting) CoS Mulvaney says Acosta should go. Sunny mentions that his whole regime has been on the hot seat but Tr/mp just digs in and carries on. Joy thinks Mulvaney will get the boot, because he went up against Tr/mp on this topic. Details of Acosta actions. Sunny talks legal stuff. Wealthy powerful people stick together and get away with things. Mam mentions new accuser who was on Today Show /trigger warning/ plays clip. Sunny talks more about her case.

Sunny pauses for legal notes: Epstein lawyers didn’t respond to NBC for comment. Woman is not part of new criminal charges, but she’s pursuing a civil case. Epstein has pleaded not guilty to charges.

Whoopi wonders where is the evangelical community on this topic, why are they silent. Joy thinks they’re worked up about the changing culture. Mam thinks they’re not supporting ped0s (misses the point, mainstream religious =/= evangelicals). Whoopi is emphatic that people who have been talking about all the ills of the country should speak up. Mam is insufferable on this topic, confusing that Whoopi is blaming them. Sunny feels it’s an epidemic and there’s not enough attention paid to this.

Hot Topic Court Tells Hellsbury Dough Boy No Blocking Allowed

Tr/mp keeps blocking twitter accounts, courts keep telling him it’s unconstitutional. AOC is getting the same backlash. Some feel hers is a personal account, but Sunny feels AOC is an elected official, too, the same rules apply. Mam wonders how they have time all day to block people given their jobs. Whoopi says people need to get thicker skin. Mam says her feed is a dumpster fire. OMG Mam says if it had not been for twitter, then she wouldn’t have met her husband. Uh 😲
Anyway hot tip: MUTE. Whoopi’s last word, suck it up, y’all.

Hot Topic Meghan Markle No Photo for You

Duchess Meghan went to watch Serena @ Wimbledon last week, where she didn’t want her photo taken since she was there in a private capacity. She was also criticized for wearing jeans. Joy thinks she has the right to privacy, but it’s unrealistic. Sunny loves her, but feels Wimbledon is a public venue and she’s a public person. Mam thinks she’s such a target with so much hate directed at her, brings up racism she faces. Weirdos (online) brought up Diana comparisons. Whoopi feels she’s between rock and hard place. Mam says give her a break. [Edit, wasn’t it shown that she interacted with a little boy, but "those" photos were allowed? I ♥ her, I don’t know the context, let her be.]

Hot Topic Are You a Loser

Reddit thread about vacation with two families, 13 yr old who beat 10 yr old cousin in foosball, and the 10 yr old went ballistic. Loser parents explained that he’d been raised that he’s never expected to lose, and they ask the winner parents to have their son admit to cheating and apologize, to support their narrative. [WAT please contact DCPS pronto.] Joy says the boy was Tr/mp lol. Whoopi wonders if reddit story was really true, then the hosts discuss what a monster the loser parents are creating. Weird sister relationship (moms raising their boys very different). PSA life is full of disappointment, get used to it early. The most successful people all had failures and learned from it. Mam talks about her dad because it’s impossible for her not to, tho tbf her analogy in this case is agreeable.

Hot Topic RIP Actor Rip Torn

There was a post last night by zoaster_toaster

Whoopi gave her condolences, Joy promotes The Larry Sanders Show, he was in soooo many good things. Best name ever.
See here for his life work

Hot Topic Sunny Summer Reading List

Ladies Get Lit
The Wedding Gift by Marlen Suyapa Bodden
Novel, set in historic Alabama during era of slavery in 19th century south, crazy ending
Read more about the author here

The Mueller Report presented by The Washington Post
Sunny the attorney feels this is a must read, which is accompanied with analysis and supporting materials
You can read it for free online (but no additional commentary)

Source links are below each video or section
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