Nintendo Announce the Switch Lite

"Easy to take-on-the-go, Nintendo Switch Lite is a compact, lightweight console with integrated controls."

The main differences to the standard Switch:

  • Handheld only and not compatible with the dock

  • Comes in yellow, grey or turquoise

  • No HD rumble or IR Motion Camera

  • Smaller screen and lower weight

  • Better battery life

  • You will need to buy Joycons if a game requires them (e.g. 1-2 Switch)

  • No kickstand

  • Full D-Pad

  • Will cost $199.99 USD, around £159.76 GBP - the standard Switch costs $299.99 USD, around £239.68

It launches on 20 September 2019. There will also be a Pokemon Sword & Shield version with blue and pink controls and the legendaries engraved on the back. This special edition will be available from 08 November 2019.

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ONTD, will you be buying a Switch Lite?