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stereolab announces the re-release of three more of their albums and premiere a new song

  • seminal post-genre legends (op note: and one of my faves), stereolab, have announced the release of remastered and expanded editions of three more albums from their catalog: 1996's emperor tomato ketchup, 1997's dots & loops, and 1999's cobra and phases group play voltage in the milky night on september 13th.

  • the new editions follow the re-release of 1993's transient random noise-bursts with announcements and 1994’s mars audiac quintet in may.

  • the group also released an outtake from the emperor tomato ketchup sessions, "freestyle dumpling", included on the expanded edition of the album.

  • listen to "freestyle dumpling below:

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fall seriously can't come soon enough. so many great albums to look forward to and sweater weather! my body is beyond ready. to the other three stereolab fans on ontd, what's your favorite song/album? dots & loops will never not be spring in audio form for me; it makes me wish my life could be a montage of me and my imaginary ~luvah~ on a tandem bike in the french countryside--very end of amélie--esque.
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