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EW shares the a first look at ‘It: Chapter Two’

• This morning Entertainment Weekly revealed their cover for their annual San Diego Comic Con issue.

It: Chapter Two will be the only WB film represented at SDCC. The studio will hold their annual ScareDiego event on July 17 and will be hosted by Conan O'Brien. The cast is also scheduled to be guests on Conan's show the same day.

• EW shared new stills, most of them showing the grown up members of the Losers Club revisiting the house on Neibolt Street.

• In the article Jessica Chastain reveals that director Andy Muschietti had invited her to the Warner Brothers lot to watch an early cut of It (2017). It was then that Chastain was asked to play the adult version of Beverly in the sequel.

• Muscietti talks about keeping the humor and emotions from the first film, but cranking up the horror.

• They make changes to some of the characters professions. Instead of being an author, James McAvoy's Bill Denbrough is a screenwriter. Bill Hader won't say what Richie Tozier's new career is, but teases that it's different from the novel.

• Isaiah Mustafa talks about Mike's connection to Derry and his obsession with finding a way to end the cycle of darkness and violence that infects the town.

• Chastain mentions the iconic Chinese restaurant scene, and how great it was to have the characters rediscover their friendship as the actors themselves got to know one another.

• Muschietti will be incorporating the young cast via flashbacks. They'll be depicting "recovered memories" of their adult selves. Resembles the structure of the book and 1990s miniseries in this way.

• Bill Skarsgard promises a scarier and angrier Pennywise, who is more brutal than he was in 1989.

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