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Rosie O'Donnell: Joe Biden should sit out 2020 election

Rosie O'Donnell went on Chris Cuomo's show last night to do an interview promoting Lights for Liberty. However, the interview started with Cuomo citing Biden's poll numbers and trying to convince Rosie to support him. Rosie opens with:

"I think Joe Biden should say 'I'm going to sit this one out. I'm going to be an elder statesman and I'm going to advise' and then whoever is the nominee should think about how to best use somebody with the experience that Joe Biden has in all these years of politics. He's not the future of the democratic party and I think that we have now until we get a nominee to figure out who that person is. In my opinion, it's either Elizabeth Warren of Kamala Harris."

She also said:

  • She would be happy with either Warren or Harris, but is truly a Warren supporter

  • She calls Warren's fundraising and campaigning so far "astounding"

  • She says Biden is "antiquated in his thinking and beliefs" and it's time to pass the torch

  • She doesn't think 80 years old is a time to be starting as President

Cuomo finally moves on to the Lights for Liberty promotion, and Rosie explains:

  • Rosie didn't start the movement and is just a mother invested in keeping children safe

  • There are over 200 detention centres across the USA

  • Children are there alone, and the trauma that puts on a child is a tattoo that will never go away

Chris interrupts to go on a rant blaming the Left for the conditions

Rosie says, "Its seems with the Trump administration that cruelty is the point"

Candle light vigils are being held Friday, July 12th in 660 different places across the US, including 6 sanctioned areas. The message is "We care. You must stop. You will not endorse this on our watch."

Chris goes on to mansplain to Rosie, an unelected citizen of the US, how she needs to change the facilities and not just ask for them to stop. Rosie says, "Asylum is not a criminal matter, it's a civil matter. 98% of people who leave there come back for their court cases." Chris says her numbers are wrong and that he's "seen situations where it's abuse" but he "hasn't seen proof" (whatever that even means)

Rosie says this should be the issue of the election and then closes with:

"We hope we can make Nancy Pelosi do [her job]. This is not the way to deal with Trump, as someone who had to deal with him for a decade before he became the President of the United States: relentless, unending abuse. This is not how you deal with him. You don't let him go and give him a long lead. You gotta reel him back in and confront him at his own level and to turn around and say 'we're not going to have an impeachment inquiry' is a gross injustice and I think Nancy Pelosi is making a huge mistake."


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