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Nicki Minaj calls out Wendy’s for always taking spicy chicken nuggets off the menu

Wendy’s recently revealed that their very popular Spicy Chicken Nuggets will return to all restaurants next month on August 19th. The news was met with excitement on Twitter, especially by those following Chance The Rapper who hoped the chain would bring them back on social media. But it was rapper Nicki Minaj who was frustrated with the fast food chain for removing them from the menu to begin with.

“Why do y’all keep taking it off the menu in the first place," tweeted Minaj in a reply to Wendy’s. “Just leave it. Y’all mad aggy.”

Wendy’s promptly responded to Minaj, writing, “Sorry Queen. When people aren’t buying something they take it away. Hopefully they stay around this time?”

One Barbz member replied to the chain writing, “Damn Wendys knows they can’t roast the QUEEN.”

They responded to the unemployed fan with, “Too much respect to even try.”

What temporary menu item at any particular food joint do you wish would remain a permanent staple?

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Tags: celebrity social media, food / food industry, nicki minaj

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