Sarah Shahi speaks frankly about sex after kids on " Access Live"

-Sarah Shahi (Person of intreast, The Rookie) was on "Access Live"

-Shahi spoke of growing up in Texas with a diffrent name from others. Her first name is Aahoo. She jokes her husband, actor Steve Howey(Reba,Shameless) can't whisper her name in her ear because her name has so many vowels.

- She disagres with a prior segment that had a couple with 4 children under 4 learning to make time for sex. She thought the expert was a bit young and that through no fault of anyone, woman naturally take the lead in the home in most cases and woman are tired.

- Shahi says she just wants a foot rub and for her husband to do daycare dropoff. That's sexy to her. She speaks of an Instagram post where she praised him for stepping up with their 3 kids when she had to travel for a job.

- Shahi says her and her husband have been together for 18 years and married for 10 and there must be a special place in heaven for them because they have already been through hell.

-Shahi says every once in a while a strapon does not hurt. Why should she be the only one that takes.Sometimes she likes to give. She says her publicist is shaking her head as she just started working for Shahi.

- The hosts, Kitt Hoover and Scott Evans give her the Great guest award which is tequila and they tell us to stay tuned for 2 little girls that are life coaches.

Ontd: Did you like your name growing up?