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The View: Vivica Fox, Hot Topics, Sex Talk, Summer Reading List

Vivica Fox Talks Dating, Election, Lifetime Movie Series

Editing note: Meghan McCain is heretofore now known as Mam /me again mccain/ because I’m tired of typing her name.

Talks her sexual blueprint. Talks how her dating choices have changed over the years. She loved Hillary in ‘16, she’s waiting on the next debate, she thought first debate was spectacular. She likes Kamala, Biden, Booker, Warren, Mayor Pete. She cautions we shouldn’t get too comfortable, be sure to VOTE no matter what. Vivica and Sunny say they’d vote for gay candidate. Mam was going to ask if any should drop out but says Vivica likes them all. (Uh there are 24, she named top 5). Vivica avoided saying anything negative about others. They dance around shade of Crystal Chakras without saying her name.

Talks her movie series which will air on Lifetime on Fridays. She’s also exec producer. She likens it to ladies romance novels guilty pleasure. Sunny plays a video of her son giving a review of the latest movie. They joke about bringing the fellas in, getting them interested. [re/Vivica A Fox] Joy asks What’s the A for = Awesome (haha great ad-lib)

Hot Topic Swalwell Out Steyer In RIP Perot

CA House Swalwell has dropped out of the race (announced yesterday). Democratic activist and billionaire Tom Steyer has declared (announced today). Mam mentions death of Ross Perot, the Independent candidate in 1992. Amy McGrath is running to oppose Mitch McConnell in KY (announced today). They debate if they (the hosts) can donate money to her campaign, vs journalists or others with conflict of interest. Mam says she’s NRA member for no reason.

Tom Steyer [Spoiler (click to open)]

Amy McGrath [Spoiler (click to open)]

Hot Topic More Epstein

Democrats are calling for Labor Secretary Acosta to resign, since he was responsible for shockingly light (original) Epstein sentence. Discussion about his involvement. Joy repeats the Tr/mp quote from New Yorker article. Compares to all Tr/mps insults including when he came for her (Joy). Mam likens it to R Kelly documentary, re/victims. Sunny reminds that Acosta deal allowed Epstein to harm new victims. They talk about law this and that. Mam wants any victims to interview, Joy wants all Tr/mp victims to interview.

Sunny stops for legal notes: reads Clinton press release (it dropped during the show). Reads remark from Alan Barton atty for Tr/mp, said that Tr/mp had no relationship with Epstein (I couldn’t find written version).

Hosts bring up timeline. Clinton trips were 2002-2003. Tr/mp New Yorker quote was 2002. Epstein (earlier) charges were 2007-2008.

Clinton Press Release [Spoiler (click to open)]
Semantics note: Trips refer to the trip in totality, not the individual flights per trip

Hot Topic Racists Are Going to Racist Census

Census Question for Citizenship
Fun fact1: The first census was in 1790. The last short form* census that asked citizenship was in 1950. (*short form is provided to 80% of households). They want it asked for two reasons: 1/it will possibly allow ICE to use those records to locate undocumented people for deportation and 2/it will discourage both citizens and non citizens from completing the census, which leads to further gerrymandering and funding shenanigans of voting districts, since government representation (state and federal) are based on the census calculated populations of districts.
Fun fact2: the census printing already began, without the question
/end talking points if you want to argue with others on social media

Hosts discuss admin possibility of using an executive order to add a question of U.S. citizenship to the 2020 census [except that the Constitution doesn’t allow for EO, only Congress can make override]. Chief SCOTUS Roberts has already pointed out they’ve been shady with their reasoning. Joy suggests not answering that question. Mam says IT’S AGAINST THE LAW THERE IS A FINE. Blah blah. They show slide of the intended question, comment how stupid it’s positioned. Make America White Again. Joy points out Tr/mp should be embarrassed that Tr/mp can’t win fairly. Whoopi says when America is tired of you, you’re done. She wants paper ballots. More venting crosstalk.

Hot Topic Everything I Know About This Family is Against My Will

Kourtney cries about turning 40. Plays clip. This fucking family. Whoopi is hilarious play/falls out of her chair on the floor. Hosts laugh. Joy comments that K says she wants more time but K also says she’s miserable so why does K want more time. Sunny says life starts at 40. Mam reminds she’s in her 30s (so) but she agrees with Whoopi, calls out the family for all their wealth and privilege and to get over it. (Lol irony wherefore art thou irony). Joy says life crisis isn’t about the material, it’s an inside job (mental thinking). Mam blah blahs.

Hot Topic Julianne Hough Sex Blueprint

Julianne says they talked to a sex therapist about keeping their erotic interests hot. Joy wondered why it was only after two years. Sunny shaded them, said she’s been married 21 yrs bloop. Quotes her, she can have connection and chemistry with a lot of people, but only have intimacy with him. They talk about her being a dancer [dancing is a sin!, so sayeth the evangelicals] Mam says whatever, Whoopi diverts the convo to Brian (a producer) and did he pick the topic and whyyyyyyy. They continue to dissect Julianne’s remark. Mam says some other stuff. Nobody knows what Julianne’s talking about or why it’s a topic.

Hot Topic Joy Summer Reading List

Ladies Get Lit
Becoming by Michelle Obama
Memoir by the inspiring and remarkable First Lady
Read more about the author here

(The photo they show during the clip, of former View crew, with Elizabeth Hasselback making prune face looool)

Fear by Bob Woodward
He also co-wrote All the Presidents Men with Carl Bernstein. Film version with Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman on Netflix.
Probably the best sourced, and most accurate, depiction of this hellscape up to the time of publication
Read more about the author here

Source links are below each video or section
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