Big Machine Records Announces Line of Taylor Swift 7" Vinyl Singles

How do Scott Borchetta and Scooter Braun plan to ruin Taylor's career now that they own the masters of her back catalogue? By releasing 13th anniversary vinyl singles, of course!! Last month it was announced that Big Machine would be releasing a limited edition 7" single of Taylor's debut single, Tim McGraw. Today, the line has been expanded with a teal vinyl release of Teardrops on My Guitar.

According to a user on r/vinylreleases (who correctly claimed that Teardrops would be released after Tim McGraw before it was announced) there are three more singles to be released by the end of the summer!

It's worth noting that Taylor (who is a credited songwriter on both songs) will receive a chunk of the profits from these singles.


ONTD, what other horrible things should Scooter & Scott do with Taylor's back catalogue?