Disney's Dominance Is Changing How Movies Are Released

(I thought that was supposed to be Aslan at first oop)

"You'd be crazy to put a big picture against them."

Former Sony Pictures Chairman Jeff Blake

  • Because of Marvel, Pixar, and Lucasfilm, Disney's marketshare is 35%, way up from 14% a decade ago.

  • it's had 11 of the top 20 box office hits in the past five years.

  • "Far From Home" was lucky to get its release spot, but it was also co-produced by Marvel.

  • It's not just bc of Disney's ability to stake release dates, but the staying power of the releases as well. Other studios have a choice - Just risk it, or make counterprogramming that often still doesn't get seen.

  • There's a handy infographic at the source that shows just how many new releases Disney has staked out.


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