Diddy is considering reviving MTV’s “Making The Band”

This morning Diddy took to social media to say that he’s considering reviving MTV’s Making The Band after the former music channel reached out to him.

“Something interesting happened this morning that I need to share with you guys,” he says. “Years ago I did something that will go down in television history. This show called Making the Band. Now, I’m trying to figure out my schedule for the next 24 months...but MTV called me out of nowhere and was like, ‘What do you think about partnering and bringing Making the Band back?’”

Diddy went on to admit that he’s hesitant about bringing back the show because it was such a classic moment for reality television. Diddy also added that he believes the intensity he displayed on the show may be too much for current up-and-coming acts to handle.

To help sway his decision, Diddy urged those who want the show back to respond to him directly via social media with the hashtag #IWantMyMTB.

ONTD, would you be here for this or nah?