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Dark Phoenix Might End Up a Bigger Flop than F4ntastic

Almost 4 years to the day (in 29 days) of it's release, F4ntastic can breathe a sigh of relief in not being the biggest superhero bomb of the decade.

DARK PHOENIX, the last (? What do we consider THE NEW MUTANTS now) X-Men movie to be released under the 20th Century Fox banner, has done pretty poorly, so much in fact, that it might be a bigger loss than...Fox's other ill-fated Marvel franchise I just mentioned above.

 It's looking like DP will not make it over 250$m internationally. It's very close though, at 249.1m$, though SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME has pretty much left it for dead. To remind everyone, Fantastic 4(2015) only made 56m$ domestially & 167$m worldwide.

While the box office #s for DP were much higher than F415, so was the budget, which is undetermined, but far higher than 120m$.


Keep an eye out for my "Fantastic (Four) Through the Ages" ONTD Original regarding all these ill-fated movies. Gotta rewatch 94 and - god help me - 2015.
Tags: box office, flop, x-men

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