Are They or Aren't They? Shawmila Edition

Shawn Mendes appeared to be shut down dating rumors with Camila Cabello during a low-key Q&A where he was asked point-blank by female fan if he and Cabello had struck up a romance. Upon getting the question, he quickly shook his head "no" at the idea.
(OP - to me it was more like a no way I'm answering that but to each their own)

In the video, the female fan also boldly asked if he’d go out with her, to which Mendes responded: "That was the best set-up… I won’t [go out with you]. I don’t know you, that’s why. I need to get to know you first."
However, on Sunday, another fan seemingly spotted Mendes and Cabello dining out together in the early hours of the morning. The fan wrote alongside: “SHAWN AND CAMILA OH MY GOD.”

On Wednesday, the pair were photographed holding hands in West Hollywood. See original post here.

Then, the next day, they were captured seemingly flirting poolside at a 4th of July bash and leaving NOBU's 4th of July party.

Friday night, Mendes performed at the Staples Center in LA and Cabello posted twice on her stories - first a video of him singing Why (OP - rumored to be about her) before deleting it and replacing it with footage of a different strong - both with the same caption "you couldn't be more amazing. wow ❤️"She posed with some fans at the concert too.

She also attended his concert last night.
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OP - Do y'all think they're dating? Or is it PR? Or are they just friends? (No one goes on PR at 5am in my opinion but YMMV)