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#WeStandWithNicki trends on twitter after Nicki Minaj has (another) meltdown via instagram caption
Nicki Minaj took to instagram to look back on releasing her first mixtape. She felt the need to remind her followers that she has had more influence on music than she is given credit for. "12 years ago I dropped my 1st mixtape. Wrote every single word on every single song. I was so proud of that. Eventually the barbz were all wearing pink hair, Chinese bangs, & Barbie chains. Colorful wigs came all the way back in style. Everyone became Barbies & Dolls. I always shouted out my influences in my interviews," she writes.

She then goes on to shame the artists who have not given her credit for her alleged influence on them. She continues, "Now a days, it’s become cool to pretend u weren’t influenced by other artists. S/O to the ones big enough to do it: Kash, Asian, Cuban, Saweetie, Meg, Malibu, YOUNG MA, Ms. Banks, Lady Leshurr, etc. No female rapper (other than Trina) did a song w/me or congratulated me on my billboard accomplishments. I didn’t mind. I never felt they were obligated to do so. Just like Beyoncé isn’t obligated to congratulate or collaborate with Normani, etc. — I never had a crusade by radio stations, influencers & blogs to make my song number 1 when Anaconda was #2 on the Hot 100. I never had a group of men in the studio writing my songs for me so it took a while between albums."

Nicki then goes on to call out the writers who aren't giving her enough credit for all that she's achieved. "Please stop these write ups about what I didn’t do. Y’all are rlly sick & ima call y’all out one by one on Queen Radio. Most of yall doing these write ups have never fought for anything in life. You just sit on the sidelines & watch the doers do!!!! To my fans; I love, cherish you, adore you, and thank you. God bless you."

The ending part of her original caption was deleted due to backlash from Little Monsters. In the now deleted part, Nicki wrote, "Billboard, ya'll wrote a piece about how a white artist influenced me, Bey & Rih?????? Where's the article on the black girl who charted after 10 years of no female rapper charting? I didn't influence trends I guess... go fckn figure." It's clear that the "white artist" she was referring to was Lady Gaga. She might've deleted it after realizing how dumb she looks trying to deny Gaga's influence while simutaniously asking others to admit her influence on them.

Are you going to #standwithnicki ONTD? Does Nicki's talent deserve more credit or has she already ruined her legacy with her life choices?
Tags: beyoncé, cardi b, celebrity feud, celebrity social media, lady gaga, music / musician (rap and hip-hop), nicki minaj

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