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Jack Reynor Talks Doing Full Frontal in Midsommar

On the movie ruining flaky pies for him: It’s hard to eat them now without having flashbacks of putting [Spoiler (click to open)]pubic hairs in my mouth. I don’t think I’ll ever look at a Cornish pasty the same way again.

On getting to create this shitty bf character: I was fascinated by this archetypal alpha male character being stripped of absolutely everything over the course of the film. He suffers this very humiliating and exposing fate, and that’s something that I’ve really only ever seen that happening to female characters in the horror genre especially in a sexual context. So, it was an opportunity to be part of something that flipped that on its head, and I really wanted to engage with the experience of it by advocating for as much full-frontal nudity as possible.

On doing nudity when he'd said in the past that he wouldn't do it: I recognized that this is something that really only happens to women in horror films, and it’s an opportunity to do something different, something that feels new. As an actor, you want to find things to do that haven’t really been seen by a mainstream audience, particularly. So, this was certainly an opportunity to do that, and I felt very ready to do it. I don’t have an issue with the nudity; it’s more an issue of the mental space that I needed to occupy throughout that entire sequence. That was the part that I think was really difficult.

I just wanted to talk about this cathartic weirdly funny movie
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