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Jeremy Renner Reveals He Turned Down ‘Hellboy’ Role In 2004 Because He ‘Couldn’t Connect To It’

Talking to Justin Long on his podcast “Life Is Short” Renner revealed he turned down the lead role in Guillermo del Toro’s 2004 film “Hellboy”.

“I was just reading the script and [thinking] like, ‘I don’t get this…’ I just couldn’t connect to it,” he said.

Renner has “zero regrets” turning down the role. “Most of the time it’s like, ‘Oh, I’m glad I didn’t do it,’ and it made sense to me. Not just ‘Hellboy’ or whatever it was, and I’m not saying that it’s a good or bad movie, it’s not about that… I just wouldn’t have fit there,” he said.

Ron Perlman went on to play Hellboy in the 2004 film and its sequel, while “Stranger Things” star David Harbour took over the role in the 2019 reboot.

Sources: the ET Canada tweet Entertainment Tonight Canada
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