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ONTD ORIGINAL: Looking Back At the Past Live Action Disney Princesses

In honor of Halle Bailey making racists seethe by being cast as live action Ariel for "The Little Mermaid", let's look at the past four live action Disney Princesses.

 I'm not here to debate the merits of feminism about the Disney princesses, but by all means, feel free to knock yourself out.

Lily James as Cinderella 👠 ("Cinderella", 2015)

Singing: Not bad, but there wasn't much to do. A few lines of "Lavender Blue". Even original Ella didn't have so much.

Adapted Personality: In the animated film from 1950, she deals with her cruel treatment by, essentially, "Never letting them see that they get to you" until they maul her before the ball. Here, it's clear that she's affected from the mistreatment from the very beginning, and she's all the better for it as a character. You don't have to be OTT in one aspect to have a personality, but animated Cindy was a little...dull.

Adapted Story: Has the Prince's father die and emphasizes Lady Tremaine's pain at becoming a widow....twice.

Adapted Dress: Beautiful, although now far more blue than blue-y white.

Elle Fanning as Aurora 🧚🏼‍♂️ ("Maleficent", 2014)

This one is a little different.

Singing: None. There is a lovely rendition of "Once Upon A Dream" By Lana Del Rey.

Adapted Personality: Instead of being angry that she's a princess (bc she thought Phillip was a commoner), she's more miffed that the people (well, fairies) that she thought of as family lied to her. She stands up to her father's army who attacks Maleficent near the end.

Adapted Story: Not only is Aurora not the star of the movie, it isn't even a retelling of Sleeping Beauty, but from The Dark Fairy, Maleficent. Aurora does have the virtue of actually looking like a child, unlike the original animated story, and despite somehow becoming Queen of the Moors and Kingdom at the end.

Adapted Dress: Not accurate, but who cares.

Emma Watson as Belle 🥀 ("Beauty And The Beast", 2017)

Singing: 😐 To be fair, this probably has the worst music of any live action adaptation, and it isn't just her. Have you heard "Be Our Guest"? The only passable song is in the credits as Josh Groban's rendition of "Evermore".

Adapted Personality: While Belle wasn't the most radical of the princesses, up until now, Disney had only adapted those with more passive personalities. So they really upped the ante here by making her a part-time inventor and emphasized her book reading some more by teaching a girl to read.

LBR, they cast Emma bc people still knew her as Hermione instead of someone ..... capable.

Adapted Story: Whoo boy, they gave everyone a backstory, from the Enchantress, to Belle's mother, how they lived in France before she died (From the plague?), Gaston came back from war, and let's not forget the Exclusively Gay Moment!

Adapted Dress: Looked like crepe paper, but does look better in motion.

Naomi Scott as Jasmine 🐯 ("Aladdin", 2019)
Singing: She's a trained singer, though her song "Speechless" doesn't mesh well with the other musical styles, despite being well sung.

Adapted Personality: Kind of toned down, from outspoken, snarky firecracker to still outspoken but doesn't nearly give Aladdin much of a hassle as her animated counterpart, which is a blight against the writing. It makes it more impactful at the climax(es, there's more than one), but still. I missed it. Jasmine desprately wants to be Sultan, not because she doesn't have to be married to do so, but because she's competent.

Adapted Story: She has a lot more agency in the story, but it's still called "Aladdin". Backstory includes her mother being asassinated and that's why she never leaves the palace. Wonder why there's a Bollywood-esque dance number in the middle? The reasoning is that her mother was from an "Indian" country and married the Sultan.

Adapted dress Costume: A decent adaptation into live action.

There's one more LA Disney Princess I can mention - Liu Yifei as Mulan in, "Mulan", intended for release in 2020, and LBR, it's probably not happening at that intended timeline.

We haven't seen hide nor hair of anything but a still and constant articles flip-flopping on if songs / Mushu will be in the film.

Besides that, well, who do you want for other LA Princesses?

src: under the images, my own words, and spending money on 3/4 of these.
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