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ONTD Orginal: The Five RPGs didn't need sequels and the five RPGs that need them

Currently, I am playing Tales of Vesperia (which I keep hoping gets better because right now, I am annoy with the characters.)  Beside the point, it remain me of Tales of Symphonia which remain me of the awful sequel.  Which brings me to my new orginal.  :D  Isn't my mind fun?

Five RPGs Didn't Need Sequels but We Got Them anyway. 

Tales of Xillia 2
OP's note: You play Ludger who kind of pick up everyone from the first game like pokemon.  The plot is paper thin (it has wormholes, alternate worlds...and the final boss:  Some guy in a moon baby).  They try the hide the fact in form of several side quests that the main purpose of the game is find out what the characters from the first game are doing.  The possible of two endings...both of them sucks.
Best thing about this game:  Everyone has much better fashion sense in this game (expect Leia)

Tales of Symphonia 2
OP's note:  Are we seeing a trend here?  Good because I hate this game...almost as much as FF7.  ONTD knows my feelings on that game.  The first game ended fine...of course, that means that you need make a sequel.  So, instead of being smart and just bring in the old characters.  Instead, you introduce and play as the most annoying main characters (Marta and Emil).  Plot is slightly better than Tales of Xillia 2.  But with Marta and Emil, you wonder if you should kill them or leave them on the side of the road.  The old characters join your party at one point but their stats are pretty set.
Best thing about this game: It is short play time for RPG...so, your pain will be short lived.

FFXIII (All of them)
OP's note:  Uhh...this game...this series of games were hot mess.  After all of these years, I still not 100% what I played.  Just thinking about the plot makes my head hurts.  I remember battle system being confusing.  Summoning was a hot mess and so was the weird skill system.    The exploration system was pretty rigid.   I know that they changed that in the later games.  Still hot mess.
Best thing about this game:  Sash with little chocobo and it was pretty.

Legend of Legaia 2
OP's note: So, you have a prefect game and give a sequel that has nothing to do with the orginal.  That is Legend of Legaia 2.  The only common thread that the game has is the battle system.  Barely.  The creators charged that slightly to be equally annoying as the game.  I remember having to run around to get my mp just enough to pull off a special move.  I can't tell you a thing about the plot and the characters.    I do remember the ending I choose:  I choose the main character to run after some girl.
Best thing about this game: No comment

SMT:  Digital Devil Saga 2
OP's note: This game wasn't bad per say.  SMT series is known for what the hell did I just play games but I always leave my disbelief at the door when I play.  This one is special.  The first one and its sequel is train wreck ready to happen.   The first was confusing enough but enjoyable.  The Plot:  It starts out like Hunger Games with tribes fighting each turning into demons and technology.   The ending kind of sort made sense.  You add the sequel which was left you equally confused. (You kind of destory the world to remake the world...I know that is a broad overview.  Your final stage:  You and the party are ghost/spirt things.  You and the other chick merge together.) I had to google the ending to explain to me.
Best thing about these game: Battle system and typical of the series....hard.

Five Games That We Never Got a Sequel For (but we should)

OP's note: Yes, we had 5 games to this series and a couple of spin offs.  We should have so much more.  The creators and staff were able build a world that a few could touch.  The base of the games:  True Runes and the conflict that they cause...and how the shape this world.  You cry...you cheer and you hope for your characters (all 108 stars of Destiny which range from a dog to generals.  To a crazy rune mistress to noblity).  It also has squirrels in capes.
Best thing about these games: Everything.  :(

Shadow Hearts
OP's note: Are we seeing another trend here?  Yes, we are.  :(  I am not sure how to describle this series because how interconnect they are with each other.  Music is fantastic..the characters are a blast.  Their ability to take historic events and give it a rpg twist.  It is great and I miss it.  I always wondered how they would have tackle WWII since they were starting to hinting it in 3.
Best thing about these games; Music and the characters

Dark Cloud 2
OP's note: I put 150 hours into this game...my longest rpg to date.  The world building was a blast.  Monica and Max were fun to play and the damn mini golf game suck out my soul.  Typical of Level 5...they kind of drop the ball on the plot.  They hinted a lot of stuff and never went anywhere with it.  So, I thought a sequel would help (or make it worse.  Who knows?)
Best thing about this game:  The World Building

Tales of Berseria
OP's note:  Wait...what?  This game has sequel. Yes, it does but it is a hot mess.  I love tales of Zestira...I do.  They should have left it as a stand alone.  If you play them back to back like i did, you can see the mile long plot holes.  Giving Tales of Berseria a true sequel to iron out the kinks and help fresh the kinks in tales of Zestiria.
Best thing about the game: Magilou...I mean the characters...mostly, Magilou

Persona 4
OP's note:  What?!  This is my list.  I can put up here if I want.  :)  Persona Q2 made miss Persona 4 which made me replay Persona 4.  Which made me miss my favorite crew ever (made me realize how similar 5 is to 4.  Holy cookies...they are a lot alike.)  Beside, the tv world is still active.  We can have a sequel.
Best thing about the game: My favorite crew ever.  :D

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